The Biggest Giveaway
in Crypto History has ended!

Please read our Terms & Conditions below and the Information to the ongoing Evaluation process!

To check your ranking, please use the email you received after registering and verifying your email address.

Terms & Conditions

The waiting list competition is sponsored by

WeSendit Media AG
An der Lorze 3
6300 Zug
Email: [email protected]
Company Register: Link

and is available to users who meet the entry requirements during the promotion period (starting from 15 April 2022). The competition will close 3 weeks after the Public Sale.

Each eligible winner will receive their tokens transferred by WeSendit after the end of the competition. All winners will be informed by e-mail and must claim their prize via a form within 4 weeks. After expiry of this period, the claim to the prize will automatically expire and the unredeemed tokens will be burned by WeSendit.

Every user who has a valid e-mail address, verifies it and meets the legal requirements of his or her country is eligible to participate. Each user can only win once. If a participant enters more than once via their link in order to influence their positioning, this is anti-competitive and will be disqualified.

6 million tokens will be awarded by WeSendit among the 10,000 qualified participants according to the ranking table on the right side. The ranking can be influenced by promotional activities using the own referral link as well as social media activities. As an example, if the person you share your referral link with also signs up, you will receive +1 point. If this person then also verifies their mail, you will receive +4 points. The more points you receive, the faster you reach the next rank level.

Win tiers

1. Position: 1 Million Token
2.-10. Position each 125,000 Token
11.-100. Position each 10,001 Token
101.-500. Position each 2,004 Token
501.-2,500. Position each 500 Token
2,501.-10,000. Position each 133 Token

Evaluation process

The evaluation will take place as follows:

1.The waitlist event will continue until 22nd December 2022, 8pm (CET).

2. We will then verify all participants and filter out real winners from bots and invalid mails. This process can take up to 7 days

3. We will send emails to winners with a claim form 

4. They will have about 4 weeks to fill out the form and send it back to us. 

5. We will collect the information and re-distribute tokens in batches.