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How to qualify for our big 50 mio. wsi reward event

Our big reward program and the 50 million WSI are only open to the first 10,000 wallet addresses that meet the following requirements:

Option 1:
You have a Web3 Premium Account* (Basic, Pro or Business)
Option 2:

You have a Web3
Free Account

you bring
min. 3 referrals**

* Must be active for the entire event.
** Web3 Basic, Pro, or Business. Must be active for the entire event.


Here, you can track the top performers who significantly contribute to advancing our mission of decentralized data management. Find out who has generated the most referrals and who is on their way to making a significant contribution to our $WSI Reward Pool. Enter your wallet address and discover where you stand on the leaderboard. The more referrals you bring, the more of the 50 million WSI you will receive.

Check to see if your BEP20 Wallet address is qualified

Total Wallets Qualified
/ 10.000 WSI Token holders


List of frequently asked questions and answers about the big reward event and participation

What is the WeSendit WSI Reward Event?
The WeSendit WSI Reward Event is an initiative where active users of our Web3 platform are rewarded with WSI tokens. These tokens are a token of appreciation for your participation and support of our ecosystem and offer you the chance to be part of the future of data security.
How can I participate in the WeSendit Reward Event?
To participate in the WeSendit Reward Event, you need an active Web3 account. With this account, you can not only send and manage your data in a decentralized manner, but also draw daily rewards from our Activity Pool. We recommend the Basic account, which costs $4.90 in WSI per month and offers you up to 60% discount depending on how many WSI tokens you have in your wallet. Additional rewards can be obtained through referrals using your referral link, thus improving your position on the leaderboard.
Can I claim my Referral Rewards at any time?
Yes, you can claim your rewards obtained through referrals at any time through the “My Account” area with an active Basic, Pro, or Business Web3 account.
What happens to my referrals if 10,000 active accounts are not reached by December 31, 2024?
As long as your account and the accounts of your referrals are active, you will continue to receive your recurring rewards in WSI.
How are rewards distributed in the 50M Reward Event?
To participate in this event, you need an active Web3 Basic, Pro, or Business account. If you cannot afford a paid Web3 account, you can also qualify for the 50M Reward Pool with a Web3 Free Account and at least three referrals. The rewards from our 50M Reward Pool and the daily Activity Rewards are two separate components. Daily activity rewards from the Activity Reward Pool are credited to your account every 24 hours based on data shipment and successful downloads, provided you have an active Basic, Pro, or Business account. The 50 million WSI tokens are provided from the Marketing Pool.
What is the goal of the WeSendit $WSI Reward Event?
The main goal is to promote and expand the use and dissemination of the WeSendit ecosystem within the Web3 community. The Reward Event serves as an incentive system to increase engagement and participation within the platform by distributing WSI tokens among the qualified participants. This distribution follows a six-month vesting plan aimed at fostering long-term interest and participation in the WeSendit ecosystem.
Until when does the Reward Event run?
The Reward Event automatically ends with the first snapshot as soon as 10,000 wallets have qualified and are listed on the whitelist (Leaderboard). If this first snapshot is not reached by December 31, 2024, at 23:59:59 CET, the smart contract automatically terminates the event. In this case, the 50 million WSI tokens will be burned, and the event will be considered unsuccessful.
What should I consider before the first snapshot?
Before the first snapshot, it is essential that your Web3 account is active. All 10,000 wallet addresses listed on the leaderboard automatically qualify for the 50M Reward Pool. Therefore, please regularly check your account status in your My Account area and the leaderboard to ensure your wallet address is captured in the first snapshot. Note that only active Web3 Basic, Pro, or Business accounts, as well as Free accounts with at least three referrals, are put on the whitelist.
Can I downgrade my account to Free after the first snapshot?
Yes, you can downgrade your Basic, Pro, or Business account to a Free account after the first snapshot. However, please note that you will no longer be able to claim the recurring rewards from your referrals with a Free account. Therefore, we recommend keeping your account active to continue enjoying all the benefits.

The second snapshot is a crucial part of the 50M WSI Reward Event to promote long-term engagement and active participation. After the first snapshot, a six-month countdown begins. During this period, all qualified participants on the whitelist (Leaderboard) have the opportunity to further improve their ranking for the 50M WSI Reward Pool by actively promoting our service in their network. These six months until the final second snapshot offer each whitelist participant a fair chance to improve their placement by gaining more referrals. This ensures fairness and equal opportunities by allowing everyone to respond to changes in the leaderboard and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Why is there a six-month vesting period after the second snapshot?
The six-month vesting period following the second snapshot is crucial for the long-term engagement of participants and serves as a “Proof of Commitment”. This period prevents the immediate sale of tokens, thus supporting the stability of the token price by avoiding market saturation. This benefits all qualified participants. Additionally, the vesting period encourages continuous participation in the platform and motivates users to remain active after the event. The ongoing claim of referral commissions is thus encouraged. Moreover, the six-month vesting period ensures a fair distribution of rewards and strengthens loyalty within the WeSendit ecosystem. Overall, this period contributes to a healthy economic environment and underscores the participants’ serious commitment to the long-term success of WeSendit.
How can I improve my chances of receiving a large portion of the 50M WSI Reward?
To increase your chances of securing a significant portion of the 50M WSI Reward, it is crucial to keep your Web3 account active and continuously gain new referrals. Use the time between the first and second snapshot effectively to improve your ranking through additional referrals. Active participation and expanding your network are key factors for success. By enhancing your engagement and expanding your network, you increase your visibility on the leaderboard, thereby improving your chances of securing a larger share of the rewards.
How can I check my position on the leaderboard?
To check your position on the leaderboard, simply enter your wallet address in the designated field on our website. There, not only the top performers but also your own position will be displayed. If you cannot find your wallet address, make sure your Web3 account is active and contains sufficient WSI tokens. Also, ensure that the auto-enable function is activated or that you have recruited at least three referrals with a Free account. After these steps, your wallet should be re-added to the whitelist shortly, provided the first snapshot, which occurs upon reaching 10,000 active Web3 accounts, has not yet taken place.
What happens if the target of 10,000 active Web3 accounts is not reached?
If the target of 10,000 active Web3 accounts is not reached by December 31, 2024, at 23:59:59 CET, the 50 million WSI tokens will be burned on January 1, 2025. However, your monthly rewards for referrals will remain active as long as your Web3 account is operational.

Email: A direct and personal way to reach contacts. Be sure not to come across as spammy, and personalize your messages.

Social Media: Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are excellent for sharing content that provides value and naturally integrates your referral link.

Forums and Online Communities: Participate in discussions on platforms like Reddit, Discord, and specialized forums that deal with Web3 and crypto topics.

Messaging Apps: WhatsApp, Telegram, and similar services are suitable for sharing links in an informal setting.

Your Own Website or Blog: If you have a blog or a website, use it to write informative posts and embed your referral link.

YouTube: Create videos that offer relevant information and include your referral link in the description.

Tips for effectively sharing your referral link:

  • Provide Value: Ensure that your posts, messages, or articles are informative and offer clear benefits to your target audience. Explain what WeSendit is, how it works, and why it might be interesting.
  • Be Transparent: Inform your contacts that the link you are sharing is a referral link. Transparency fosters trust and respect among your contacts.
  • Tailor Content: Adapt your message to the medium and the audience. A well-thought-out tweet may look different from a detailed email.
  • Follow Guidelines: Each platform has its own rules regarding the posting of promotional links. Make sure you adhere to the terms of service and community guidelines.
  • Use Analytics: If possible, use tools to track the performance of your referral link. This can help you understand which strategies work and which need to be adjusted.
  • Continuous Engagement: Stay active, respond to comments, and participate in discussions. This builds a relationship with your audience and increases the likelihood that people will use your link.

By following these tips and choosing the right platforms, you can maximize the effectiveness of your referral marketing while building a positive and respectful online presence.

We prepared a quick start guide for you. Read through, and you’re ready to go: Quick Start with referrals – WeSendit Media AG (

Do you provide any pre-written templates or swipe texts that I can use to promote your service effectively?

Yes, we’ve prepared a set of templates, and we will update it regularly. Finde all pre-written templates here: Pre-Written Templates and Banners for referrals – WeSendit Media AG (

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