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Unlock Rewards: Save up to 60% on Subscriptions

The Most Generous Big Data Reward System

Enter the decentralized world and create a new revenue stream in 3 easy steps.


Install Web3 Wallet recom. Metamask

Install your Metamask or Trustwallet in less than 2 minutes.

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Top up your BEP20 wallet 
with BNB & WSI

Add WSI with BNB to access our decentralized world. It’s easy to use.

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Connect your wallet 
and get rewards

Receive daily rewards and save up to 60% on your basic, pro or premium subscription.

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Create value. Help others. It`s a win-win!

Becoming a WeSendit Advocate presents an excellent opportunity to receive additional WSI as a reward.

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Display of your Activity Rewards in the Dashboard.
The content shown in the overview serves as an example only.

Get up to 25’000 WSI daily 
from our Activity Pool

We reward you for sending data to your friends and business partners. 45 million WSI tokens are available for this purpose. To receive the rewards through your account, you must have a Pro or Business Web3 Account. You can claim the daily rewards without a lock-up period, send them at any time, use them for services or re-stake them.

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Display your referral rewards in the dashboard.
The content shown in the overview serves as an example only.

The Referral Rewards program is a win-win for both

WeSendit’s referral system rewards you for recommending our Web3 Pro and Premium services to your friends and business partners. 75 million tokens are reserved for our affiliate partners. Earn up to 25% per month on the premium subscription of your referrals and build a long-term passive income.

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SAVE up to 60%

Your discount level for your active Basic, Pro or Business plan can be up to 60% and is also based on the number of WSI you hold in your wallets.

You`ve made your way to this page, so chances are you`re already WeSendit Advocate material.

If you`re…

If you want to send your data securely from A to B to friends and business partners
Eager to help other businesses succeed and take your data management to the next level.
If you love the world of decentralisation and the protection of personal data is important to you.

The WeSendit advocate`s toolkit: Everything you need to succeed

Your account includes everything you need to efficiently spread the message and benefit from our attractive reward system.

Article and Banner Ads

Easy-to-repost, persuasive content accessible from your referral account.

Visitor and sales stats

See how many people are visiting your referral link and how much money you make per visitor.

Email sale notice

Share your referral link anywhere and know the instant you`ve made a sale.

Customer referral newsletter

Get tips on how to succeed, plus resources to share with your friends & business partners that explain WeSendit`s services.

Your own sales page

Maximise your profits with your own WeSendit sales page.

Do you already know our Ambassador program?

    Why promote WeSendit?

    If you are going to promote a service, it should be a really good one. That`s WeSendit: Send it, Store it Love it.

    All-in-one solution

    With your Web3 account you get a lot of features, file and team management, paid download, unlimited data sending and storage, appointment sending, address book and much more.

    Unrivaled support

    All day, every day, if you need support, our team is ready to help.

    Decentralised data Transfer

    Data transfer has never been so secure. Send your data anonymously via our Web3 Storage Partners. We do not collect any personal data with the Web3 function.

    10 years on the market and 3.5+ million customers trust us

    Security and reliability — as a Swiss company, we uphold our country’s famous values even in the digital age. Switzerland has been known for centuries as a haven of security and reliability. WeSendit continues this tradition.

    What our ambassadors say.

    As a WeSendit Advocate, it could also be a fantastic way to effortlessly receive rewards while soaring above the clouds.