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Revolutionizing Data Transfer

The WeSendit token isn’t just a cryptocurrency; it’s your utility key to unlock a world of advantages within the Web3 ecosystem.

Explore our Token Reward System for your activity, referral

What is the WeSendit Token?

The WSI Utility Token grants all token holders exclusive access to our offerings.
​ With it, they receive 5 GB of free storage space and can securely and decentralally store their data through the Node Aggregator Partner Network. Furthermore, the WSI Utility Token provides our Web3 users access to advanced Basic, Pro, and Business Web3 features on wesendit.com. Additionally, they are rewarded for successful data transfers when they upgrade their plan. This allows our users to fully harness the numerous advantages of our platform and securely manage their data with efficiency.

How Does WeSendit Token Work?

The WSI Token operates on the Binance Smart Chain network​
​ As a BEP-20 token, allowing users to earn rewards by making referrals or sending data as Web3 users through our platform. Additionally, rewards are distributed from our Activity Pool to our community for active participation in the further development of our platform, as well as to future node operators supporting the network.

Benefits for WSI Token Holder

Activity Rewards​​
​ Activity Rewards are rewards granted to WeSendit users once the recipient starts the download. This system actively promotes the use of our platform and rewards users for sharing content. The rewards are calculated once a day and credited to the account of all Web3 Pro and Premium users and are based on the number of successful downloads.

Activity Rewards

In this example we will show you how activity rewards are calculated at WeSendit:

Activity rewards

45.000.000 WSI

Calculation duration

1800+ days

Daily reward per day

25.000 WSI

The pool is replenished by the unstake fee of 0.75% of all node stakers.

Example: Activity Rewards

The rewards are based on the active downloads of the recipients within 24 hours and the percentage reward rate in relation to the 25,000 WSIs available per day. Note, however, that there is a maximum of 25 rewards per user per day to prevent possible abuse. A countdown indicates when the next credit will be given and how many potential rewards are still available. Rewards are sent daily to a Smart Contract and can be accessed by active Pro and Premium users via their dashboard. After 200 days, unclaimed WSI Token are withdrawn from the Smart Contract and transferred back to the Activity Pool.

User Uploads Downloads Rewards (%) WSI Rewards
User 1

25 %


User 2

62.5 %


User 3

12.5 %


Here you can see an example of activity rewards that users receive based on active downloads from your recipients.

Level Rank & NFT Rewards

With more WSI token, you rise in rank, gaining
discounts and exclusive NFT access

Basic, Pro, Business
Subscription WSI on User Wallet Level Rank NFT Collection max. discount on all Subscription
> 0


* 0% 

> 100


* 5% 

> 500


* 10%

> 1.000


* 12%

> 2.500

Sea Turtle

* 15%

> 5.000


* 20%

> 10.000


* 25%

> 25.000


* 30%

> 50.000


* 35%

> 100.000


* 40%

> 250.000

* 45%

> 500.000


* 50%

> 1.000.000

Sperm Whale

* 55%

> 2.500.000

Blue Whale

* 60%

*Add-ons are excluded from the discount

Referral marketing
(Referral Rewards)

Our referral marketing program rewards our Web3
users who bring new Web3 members to our platform.

Active Referrals Basic Account
($4.90 in WSI)
Pro Account
($12.90 in WSI)
Business Account
($29.90 in WSI)
 >0 Ref.
5 %
10 %
12 %

 >50 Ref.

7.5 %
12.5 %
15 %

 >250 Ref.

10 %
15 %
17.5 %

 >1.000 Ref.

12.5 %
17.5 %
20 %

 >5.000 Ref.

15 %
20 %
25 %


The investor with the Pro subscription recruits 50 new Business subscribers via his referral link. The referrer receives the following recurring commission in $WSI for this as long as the subscription is active on both sides.

50 Business Subscription = $1.495 turnover x 12.5 % = $187 recurring in WSI

Unleash Your Full Potential with WSI

When a WeSendit user successfully encourages others to sign up through their referral link, and these new members subscribe to our Basic, Pro, or Business plans, the referrer receives recurring commissions in the form of WSI tokens. With each successful referral, the user’s rewards steadily increase. This encourages the growth and diversity of our community and rewards those who actively contribute.

Our Web3 community benefits from a wide range of promotional materials, including sales pages, banners, as well as pre-made text for swipe and newsletter campaigns.

By owning WSI tokens, our Premium users not only gain access to our advanced Web3 features but also have the opportunity to earn additional rewards through their activity, engagement, and referrals. Moreover, they can become node operators, providing storage space to the network and receiving WSI tokens in return, actively participating in the development and strengthening of our Web3 ecosystem. WeSendit thus creates a win-win situation for its users, where everyone benefits from their engagement and contributes to the growth and advancement of our Web3 community.


Utility of the

WeSendit Token

The WeSendit token is more than just a cryptocurrency; it's a versatile tool that empowers users in the digital world. Here are some of the key utilities it offers:

500MB decentralized storage for Free

The WSI Token provides exclusive privileges to Web3 users, featuring 500MB of decentralized storage and a complimentary 14-day trial of premium features. This enhances their data management capabilities while experiencing our premium functions for free.

Referral Program for Web3 Users

WeSendit users can earn rewards through our referral program. When users successfully encourage others to sign up for WeSendit as Web3 Pro or Business users, they receive referral rewards in the form of WeSendit tokens.

Activity Rewards for Transfer Files

WeSendit tokens are awarded to Web3 users as activity rewards. These rewards are earned when recipients initiate the download of shared files. This encourages user engagement and content sharing. The more active users are on the platform, the more tokens they can accumulate.

Rewards for Node Operators

Node operators who contribute to the stability and performance of the network are rewarded with WeSendit tokens. This is intended to incentivize individuals or companies to operate nodes and strengthen the entire ecosystem.

NFT Rewards for Holding 2500+ WSI

WeSendit is introducing an NFT ecosystem where users can receive unique digital collectibles based on the amount of WSI they hold in their wallets. Holding and using WeSendit tokens grants users access to exclusive NFT rewards, adding a unique dimension to their token ownership.