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Pathways to progress, insights into the next steps: Our Q1 Roadmap Overview

Finding purpose gives us a sense of self; plotting our course provides a destination to aspire towards.

As the year begins, we’re excited to announce our first steps in this quarter. We have great plans and want to take you along on this journey. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support; we see and greatly appreciate every one of you.

One of our top priorities this year will be marketing, but development will also receive significant attention, and you can expect exciting news in other areas as well.

The Roadmap for Q1:

PR Campaign through the renowned provider newskontor:
As part of our marketing efforts, we will initiate a targeted campaign in collaboration with our PR partner agencies. This campaign aims to highlight our success story and significant progress while also strengthening the brand presence of WeSendit 3.0. Additionally, a series of other PR initiatives on renowned crypto platforms are planned for the end of the first quarter, coinciding with the launch of our new Referral Program.

Development of the Referral Reward Program:
We are finalizing our Referral Reward Program for Web3 users. This is intended to promote the growth of our community through the active participation of our existing users.

Team Expansion:
In February, we plan a targeted expansion of our team, primarily in the Marketing and Operations areas. This strategic reinforcement aims to meet the growing demand for our services and simultaneously optimize the efficiency of our internal processes. This measure is a crucial part of our efforts to ensure the ongoing success and growth of WeSendit.

International Influencer Campaign:
We will conduct an international influencer campaign to increase the global visibility of WeSendit and thereby specifically target potential new users. This campaign is designed to expand our reach in international markets and enhance the brand awareness of WeSendit among various target groups.

Optimization of the Help Center:
We are working on additional posts and articles to provide our users with more detailed descriptions and instructions.

Node Concept:
By the end of March, we will deploy the first resources in the Huawei Cloud to advance the development of the Node concept.

Huawei Marketplace:
Given a possible integration of our service into the Huawei Marketplace, we will conduct an in-depth examination of the required criteria by the end of March.


Our journey ahead is filled with promising initiatives and strategic expansions. As we continue to innovate and grow, we remain committed to delivering excellence and enhancing the WeSendit experience for our users globally. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on these exciting endeavors. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for your continued support. Together, we are shaping the future of digital communication.

We will turn Big Data into something truly significant.
Thank you for your trust and support.

Warm regards from Switzerland,
Your WeSendit Team

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About WeSendit

WeSendit is a Swiss file transfer provider with the experience of over 10 years in the market and more than 3.5 million users from 150 countries, including global players such as Nike, Red Bull or Dreamworks. WeSendit’s founder and CEO Jens Herbst has built an international team of crypto experts, developers, business strategists, and marketing specialists. Together, they are working to become a Web3 pioneer with WeSendit 3.0. The new platform, in combination with the $WSI token, will harness the power of the blockchain and support the world’s transition to the decentralized Web3 — the more secure, trustworthy, and private internet of the future.

Visit https://discover.wesendit.com/ for more information on the project.

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