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The Node to Glory: Introducing WeSendit Nodes!


Great news:

The WeSendit node concept is ready for development!🚀💪

“I do node understand. What are you guys even talking about?”

WeSendit Nodes uses the power of decentralization. It will enable you to boost WeSendit with your own nodes.

“Ok, nice. But what the hell is a node?”

In decentralized networks, nodes are like individuals (computers) that work together. They store information and help make decisions as a group, rather than relying on a central authority. Each node keeps a copy of the network’s data and helps check if transactions are correct. Nodes have different roles. Some check transactions, some store data, and some help spread information across the network. The more nodes, the stronger the network. Because if one stops working, the others can keep going and protect the network. Put simply, nodes in decentralized networks are like collaborating team members.

“Great! And how does that work in the case of WeSendit?”

WeSendit Nodes is a groundbreaking concept that will allow anyone to operate nodes and store data for the WeSendit network:

We have listed some of the highglights below, but if you are interested, feel free to check out the full concept here.

⌛️ Stake it until you make it

To ensure uninterrupted availability and data integrity, we require all node operators to stake their WSI tokens for a minimum of 52 weeks. The more WSI tokens you stake, the more data you can store, and, most importantly: the higher your potential returns!

💰 Why pay for AWS if WeSendit pays you?!

Did you know that AWS charges an average of $23.00 per TB per month? And then there is WeSendit — rewarding node operators with up to $12.00 per utilized TB of storage! Make some good money while shaping the data transfer revolution.

🔒 Your data is safer than ever

The security and integrity of your data is WeSendit’s top priority. That’s why we implement comprehensive redundancy strategies as well as cutting-edge encryption technologies. With end-to-end encryption, your data remains safe — during both transfer and storage.

⚙️ Reliable access to your data. Always!

WeSendit ensures the redundancy of your files by distributing them across multiple network nodes. Each uploaded file is stored in triplicate on different nodes within the mainnet, guaranteeing accessibility even in the face of node failures. Goodbye, single points of failure!

🔒 Test, test, WeSendit’s security is the best

The best never rest: That is why we store an additional copy of your files in the testnet. This extra layer of protection ensures access to your data, even in the event of widespread issues or failures within the mainnet. Your files are safe — at any time!

After this “ode to the node” — will you participate?

These days, we will start developing this groundbreaking feature.

As you can see, WeSendit does not only talk about decentralization.

We embrace it.

And together with you, we will turn big data into a truly big deal.

Stay tuned. And trust the process.

Your WeSendit Team

PS: We plan to complete WeSendit Nodes by Q4 and will keep you posted on our progress. Time to follow the node road…


About WeSendit

WeSendit is a Swiss file transfer provider with the experience of over 10 years in the market and more than 3.5 million users from 150 countries, including global players such as Nike, Red Bull or Dreamworks. WeSendit’s founder and CEO Jens Herbst has built an international team of crypto experts, developers, business strategists, and marketing specialists. Together, they are working to become a Web3 pioneer with WeSendit 3.0. The new platform, in combination with the $WSI token, will harness the power of the blockchain and support the world’s transition to the decentralized Web3 — the more secure, trustworthy, and private internet of the future.

Visit https://discover.wesendit.com/ for more information on the project.

Check out the WeSendit 3.0  here.

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